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Sponsored Linx: Offering Mobile App Marketing Services to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne


Up until the past few years, business websites, Facebook profiles and Twitter feeds were more or less viewed as optional outlets to boost marketing potential. Today, Internet presence is often the single most important factor to assuring a company’s success, and very soon, mobile applications will be a part of that equation as well. However, even once your business has developed a mobile application, learning the basics of app marketing can be a difficult and daunting process, especially for those who don’t feel terribly well versed in the realms of technology.


Sponsored Linx, a marketing company based in Brisbane, Australia, specialises in all ranges of Internet marketing, including mobile app marketing. If you are searching for a specialist in app marketing in Brisbane—or even in other major Australian cities like Sydney or Melbourne—Sponsored Linx is the perfect candidate to walk you through the process. From the beginning steps of getting your app on the major Apple and Android markets to the more complex concepts of marketing and managing your app once it is available for customers to download and use, Sponsored Linx brings valuable experience in app marketing to Sydney and well beyond.


It’s All in the Name: A Crash-Course in App Marketing


Whether you are searching for app marketing in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or any other city in the world, the basics remain the same. If you wish to be a full-time app developer, you want users to buy your app so that you can start a career in the field. If you are a business owner, you want customers to download your app so that you can continue to sell your product or service to them. In either case, the mobile application is in place to help you build your brand, and while apps may seem like confusing, new-fangled pieces of fad technology for some, when it comes to marketing them, many of the practices you will want to adopt are the same you have been using to sell your brand for ages.


When you established your website or started posting blog articles online, you probably heard a lot about keywords and Search Engine Optimization (or SEO). These are important practices for attracting new potential customers to your brand online, and both are still applicable to mobile app marketing, in Melbourne, Brisbane or anywhere else. The most important component of your app marketing is the title of your application. We’ve been told for years not to judge a book by its cover or its title, but that’s precisely what most app buyers today are doing. They do a search for a keyword or phrase, look through the top results and then pick the app that sounds like it will meet their needs best. As a result, having commonly searched words in your app title will be the difference between getting tons of downloads and getting none at all. The more often your app appears towards the top of a search, the more it will be downloaded and used, so figure out a way to get a keyword into your app title.

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