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Google Adwords

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Google AdWords Optimised for You

Google AdWords is a service meant to help you create and run ads for your business. It’s a remarkably effective marketing strategy that allows any company, no matter what their budget, to run ads on Google and their advertising network. With a pay per click style access, the company using AdWords only pays when a potential client clicks on their ad. It’s possible to even set it up in such a way that will pull the ads once a client’s specified budget for the day has been reached, preventing unexpected bills.

AdWords ads come up with the search results when someone searches Google using one of your specified keywords. They will appear under the “Sponsored Links” section of the search page. This is an advantage because your ad will only be shown to people already having an interest in your business. So say, for example, that your business happens to design baby doll clothes, anyone typing in the phrase “baby doll” will see an advertisement for adorable clothes to go with the doll. AdWords is remarkably versatile and has many different options to enable you to customise your ads to pretty much whatever you want.

Sponsored Linx would be delighted to help you get started. While AdWords is relatively simple to use, our years of SEO optimisation can only work in your favour. Let us tweak your account, optimise and manage your advertising via Google. You’ll be sure to get optimal performance from this wonderful tool.