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Why Long-tail Keywords = High Value for your Business

The new black in the keyword world Long-tail keywords are becoming more frequently used, and working better for many businesses out there. If you’re not using long-tail keywords or at least planning to use them, then you should be. Long-tail keywords are the new black. But, before we get to ahead of ourselves, what is
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Why Landing Pages are more of a Team Player than you might think

High converting landing pages are designed to focus on one thing and one thing only; they’re standalone webpages which are designed to receive online traffic with users’ who have a single intent, and your landing page is there to deliver. For this very reason they are used in conjunction with online traffic directed from Pay-per-Click
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Stop Searching for Your Ad on Google!

A common problematic scenario which comes up in the day to day running of many online campaigns is when someone with a Google AdWords account Google themselves so that they can find their ad. While I can totally understand why any SME owner is interested in performing a Google search to see if they’re showing for their top keywords, this is
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It’s Time to Get Vocal About Local!

When many people initially think about ‘Local Search’ they imagine the local corner shop around the block. Or they might even imagine the local group of shops near their workplace, business or home. All of these thoughts are correct, but Local Search is so much more than this, which is why Local Search for your
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Read This if You Want Profitable Online Marketing

When it comes to driving traffic to your website, you pretty well have three option; Pay-Per-Click, such as Google AdWords, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media, such as the online platform Facebook. SponsoredLinX offer online marketing management services in all three of these areas (plus more) but there is one marketing relationship here which
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